[WR-KS] Some Live Events, and more details added to the campaign!

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on September 17th, 2018, on DAY 19 of the 2nd Breakfast Kickstarter.  ~Nathan

Hey Realmspeople!

We had a stellar day today, with our 2nd biggest one day pledge ever!  Thank you all for supporting us on this journey!  Lots to cover, so lets get to it!

Live Events Past & Present!

Last weekend we spent some time at Tacoma Games showing off our table to all who would listen!  This weekend, we are headed to Arcane Comics in Shoreline WA to demo our tables once again!  If you haven't had a chance to see our tables, it will be a perfect time to see them!  And don't forget, the week after that we head to Portland!

Speaking of Live events, I hosted a Reddit AMA today, and was able to answer some questions for interested parties!  You can check out the whole AMA by clicking on the image below, or just go copy this into your browser: 


 Nathan next to Wooded Realms Banner holding a Reddit AMA sign for proof


FAQ Update!

If the whole Reddit thing is just too much to read, you can find the TL;DR in our FAQ!  Tina has combed through and grabbed some of the common questions and added them to our FAQ.


High Resolution Pictures

We're going to start higher resolution images on our Instagram feed for folks who want more pictures of the table!  We have taken tons of pictures, and are looking for a good way to share them.  Eventually we will have a full gallery on our website, www.WoodedRealms.com but for now, please follow @WoodedRealms on Instagram for more details!

Premium Accessories from C4 Labs!

If you have been following our updates, you'll know that C4 labs and their design team have been working hard on the designs for our premium package.  And they are now available!  Currently only the premium suite is available, which includes all the listed accessories, but you will have an opportunity to buy the pieces separately once the Kickstarter is over!

You can see some lovely pictures in the updated campaign page, check em out!

Canadian Shipping! Early Bird Extension!

Ok so for the Canadians in the room, here's what's happening with your shipping option!  I've spoken to approx. half of the group of potential partners, and it sounds like the shipping with customs and tariffs will be approx. $50 US additional for both the Standard and XL, meaning a Standard will be $500+$200, and the XL will be $599+$300.  I'll hear from the rest of our potential shippers in the next day or two, so that number may go down, but I think that's where we will be on Canadian shipping.  We'll keep you posted!

For your trouble we have decided to extend the Early Bird for the 2nd Breakfast Standard until Friday for everyone!  In the meantime, let's shoot for $500k!  Thanks so much for supporting Wooded Realms, and I'll be back with a new update very soon!


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